Where did The Nobel Prize Originate From?

Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a born October 21, 1833. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden.  He prospered into a very intelligent man, learning engineering techniques from the footsteps of his father at a young age. He lived in various places with his family, as they traveled for his fathers line of work that wound up taking them to Russia. This not only gave him a broader range of perception but, he was became fluent in five different languages by the age of 16.

alfred1He grew to be an inventor, an engineer, chemist, and a businessman. He made a enormous impact on life as we know it. He had invented the dynamite and other extremely powerful explosives. Two things he had discovered were the blasting cap in 1865;  Then the dynamite was discovered in 1867. With that being said, he had 350 different patents made with various countries for variety of things.

While Nobel, lived a life full of explosions he died from a stroke on December 10, 1893. With him being a businessman, having over 90 manufacturing factories, he made a will. In the will it stated that he would like to have his remaining 31 million dollars be distributed among the best person or persons with the best of intentions in making this world a better place, in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and for work in peace fields. He left this to the Parliament of Norway to distribute in a way they saw fit.

This would be the start of the Nobel Prizes. The very first ones were given out in 1901, just five years after Nobel’s death. Great people, whom have did outstanding things would now be recognized globally for their achievements. This has been going on now for over a hundred years. There have been miraculous things accomplished in those 100 plus years.

Thanks to Nobel, these great achievers are now recognized for their outstanding accomplishments, for giving the world a more positive contribution. He was a great man and he continues to be great even way after his death. As he is the reasoning behind the “Nobel Prize”.



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Discouraged after graduation?

From the moment you are born, you are being taught. You learn to eat, sleep, and cry when you are not satisfied. Over the years, a person will learn to talk, walk, trust, love and other things along the way.

A child starting school, is taught to do their best to learn everything possible as the future is yours to hold! You are told to go to school and do your best. Then you could get into a good college and you would get a great career after you graduate. Then you could live in that big house, with the nice cars and have many friends.

That very well may be true for some. What about the others that go to school and try their best? What happens to those who graduate and cannot get a job within that field? What happens to those who graduated and are supposed to pay their loans back? What happens to those people that spent most of their lives trying to do their best and do as they were taught?

Being one of those people, that spent most of my life in school, not being able to find a job in the position I graduated from, and wondering how I am going to pay my loan back, because I cannot find a good job; I will continue to work hard. I will educate myself on the past and learn to move forward. I will move in the only way  I know, forward. 

I will set a great example for my children. I will encourage them to go to school. I will teach them a little better than I was taught. I will teach them about the real-life experiences that I have went through. I will encourage them to make their dreams a reality. I will teach them through my mistakes and help them to be more successful than me.

My children are my whole world. They are the reason I went through school, even if I started later than some others. They are the reason I worked full time while attending college. They are the reason I made the Deans List. They are the reason I graduated from school. I am always striving to be better for them. They make me a stronger person. I will not quit anytime soon.

With as much bad luck as I am having with an education and bills coming in, I will continue to work towards the goal I started on in the first place! My children are my prize and I will not let them down. Even if that means,  I work in a position that I do not want to be in, then I will. I will continue to find a better position. One that will allow me to flourish. 

So, to everyone else out there in the same position as I am, do not give up. You will need to try harder, maybe a different direction. Just remember why you started in that direction in the first place. There will always be bumps, cracks and even holes in the road way there. Those were meant to skip over and not for you to stay around.

 I have seen more, “you’re over qualified, under qualified, not enough experience, someone else is a better candidate” than any person should. I have been through several hours worth of pointless interviews. I have been laughed at not once, not twice but THREE times during interviews, because of my education. I am sure that those laughing were “less qualified” than I was. Then there were others “Why are you working here, with an that education?”  Simple, I need a decent paying job, that will support my family. 

That really hurts a lot, knowing that your education has taken away a lot of your time, family time and energy; All the late nights staying up to finish this paper, or that study for that final, and just missing out in general. There are many nights I would have rather been doing something more meaningful. This education is something you have worked so hard on; For at the very best now feels like a personal achievement and nothing more.

I have saw the negativity. I have felt it.  I have lived it. But a person will just have to overlook those obstacles and remember why they have started in this direction in the first place. Those negative people that have been encountered along the way are also obstacles in your way of achieving your goals, whatever they may be. There are many people in the same situation. Keep your eyes on the prize!!!

This Is A Time of Giving

snowWe are well upon the winter months here. The coldness has arrived and looks to stay for awhile. With that being said, the holidays are approaching very fast.  All of the stories heard seem to be about people making an effort to help others in whatever way they may be able to; Whether it be a donation, a volunteerism, shelter, food,  prayer or just an act of humanitarianism.

The holidays seem to bring joy to many people.  Doesn’t matter religion. Sure not all people celebrate the same way, but they celebrate something sometime. With that being said, they seem to celebrate in a loving and giving way and share memories, recipes, gifts, jokes, laughs and sarcasm!

This is truly a time that people show that humans can be more than what social media brings us out be. Social media seems to bring out the worst in people. Everywhere you look, he did she did, he said she said is going on. People are at a constant argument. People are so closed minded now. Their way or no way. Will not even consider to hear the other side.

The holidays are a time when people forget about all the negativity going on around the world and become united. Just for a little bit. That little bit sheds peace unto others and yourself. People seem to love and have compassion for others regardless the race, ethical background, gender, career or financial status. We help shelter those in need. We help feed those in need. We help the animals. We help with clothing, gifts, education, a way to see loved ones or whatever other way fit.

We as the human race, need to come together and be happy with all others. Stop all the hating and neglect to others. We are all human and we all want to be treated with the utmost respect. We can do this just in a better way than fighting in the streets. No one is entitled to something more than the next. So next time you see a less fortunate person than you, smile and tell them hello.

It may make just make your day, or make their day! Start using an open mind! Take it day by day and just maybe one day the world a better place to live in!

Decisions Can Be So Hard

10606150_946321425405182_8999507602131107538_nMany people are faced with the same dilemma daily. What are we wearing today? Do I go to work today? Do I stay home? Should I enroll in school? Should I have ate the Chinese food so late last night? Should I go out with my friends tonight? What to do?

We always choose one path to go, just to turn and realize we could of chose that other path or the other path, but which path is the right path?

One path seems better than the other, there is more to offer with that path. But something is saying to go this way. Which way do you choose?

This path seems to have a lot of curves and bumps in it, but that one has hills and holes. The bumpy road is a safer choice. This choice being one without any risks. One that looks almost promising at the end. But is that what you really want?

Then on the other side of filled with hill and holes, the sun is shining so bright. But how do I get there? Is that where I truly want to be? Is it worth the obstacles? Do I go that way and risk it all?

beach1Every way that you choose will have a direct effect on your life. But remember that you are the key to the doors. Your keys will open the door that is meant for you at the time. You may need to follow one path to find a short cut to the other road.

You will have to be the one who chooses which one is worth opening. Would this door take you to the destination you want to be at? Would it be worth the struggle? Would this be my goal?

If one door seems to be stuck, you could always go back and try the other door. Maybe there was an opportunity there that you may have overlooked. Maybe it was there and just waiting on you to see it.

If that door seems to be the wrong one, turn around and push the other down. You have the world in your grasp. Hold on to it. Don’t give it up just yet!

You go for what makes you happy. Whether it be a family, career, education, wealth, and/or health just keep trying. You have so many keys. Don’t be afraid to use them. You need to find your door and let the light shine on the inside!




Enjoying Life to the Fullest

11392909_850955254941800_3606668194921615668_nBeing new to an area and finding things to do can be difficult at times. Also finding people that a person can call a friend is more difficult. Some get lucky into finding people that they can call a friend.


That is one thing that had happened for me. While moving out of state, I had met some people that my husband and I became friends with instantly; also, we would still be friends with them years later. Then we soon had one of the greatest experiences of my life.

We soon were invited to celebrate a new friends’ birthday with her and her friends. I was excited for that.  Especially, when I found out that we were going to go to a sandbar out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I was going out of my comfort zone by doing something new with a lot of people that I didn’t know anything about. I just went with it!

11406909_851144604922865_2594752814575938616_nThis was a truly a dream of mine. Just to go to an isolated island and do whatever I see fit! Do whatever I wanted! To be in the middle of the ocean. To be who I wanted to be. I wanted to be a free soul. There were no people, no buildings, no cars, no rules, no pressure, just pure freedom.

I absolutely love the ocean. It is pure ecstasy! It is a place of warmth, fun, sand into between my toes, the smell of saltwater, saltwater stuck on my body and the wind in my soul! The ocean runs for so many miles and so far, the eye cannot see. It is a mysterious place and very adventurous place.

The trip out into the big blue ocean was a wonderful experience. The water was perfect. The waves were perfect. There were other boaters that had the same idea as we did. We were all just enjoying life to the fullest. There were even some people that brought their animals out there. The animals were sure having a great time as well. They were swimming and playing games just as everyone else on the sandbars.

There was music, drinks, people playing football, playing corn-hole, swimming, playing Frisbee, looking at the ocean floor finding marine creatures and well as shells for a keepsake, and some were simply hanging out on the boats. There was also, (my friend on her birthday) one of the people being buried in sand! People were just united and happy!!!

Unfortunately we could not stay out there all day as the high tide would soon wash away the sand bar until the next time. But the experience on the way back was one off the bucket list for me. Well part of it!

We were on our way back and we all were drinking a little. Don’t worry we had a sober driver! We had to pee and the coast was a lot further away then it looked. So, we stopped the boat and jumped in! We swam away from each other and then we all did our business and enjoyed the ocean!

That has always been a bucket list item for me, to jump into the ocean with its depths of under me. The unknowing is scary but it was an adrenaline rush. There was fear of what was underneath me, watching me.  There was the excitement of knowing that the ocean floor was so far underneath me! I was so high above. There was a feeling of openness. I had no limits above me or below me. I felt free!

It was the one time in my life that I was a free soul. I was under my own influence, I did not have one worry about the world. I felt that I had owned the world at the very moment. It was a forever memorable experience for me, my best friend (my husband) and my new friends! That was my Ecstasy!

I would like to say thank you to my friend for the invitation. It was your birthday, but it sure felt like mine!

Just Go With It!

Have you ever just wanted to move away and not look back?

Have you just wanted to travel the world?Cin Bridge

Have you ever just wanted an escape from reality?

Sometimes it could be a good idea just to get away from everything. Be on your own, explore the world! You do only live once in a lifetime, you may as well make the best of it. Go find what makes you happy. Whether it be the beautiful rainforests, the giant blue sea, the beautiful bridges of the world,  the snow covered mountains or just a family trip somewhere. Just enjoy what time you have here, the way you see fit!

There will be doubts along the way, but a person just needs to overcome their fear of failure and just go with it. Whatever happens, happens. You will figure it out when it is necessary. You are in control of your life. So, take charge!


Life wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of explorers. There were many explorers that had made great discoveries. Those discoveries were made despite of their fears of failure. They were made on accident and they were also made on purpose. The discoveries were also some of the best things to ever happen!

You could always go back to what you had left in the first place!

So why not take a chance and just live a little?

It could be the best thing you’ve done! Just Go With It!



Old Buildings & The World


While driving down an old country road, staring at the cornfields, woods and small creeks that are nearly dried up it could almost take you back into time. There are small towns every so many miles between the fields and creeks. All of the small towns like to highlight the past. The past was when the “small towns” were big.

When driving through small towns around here, I occasionally think that this town was probably a busy place. This town was alive once. The buildings were more than a pile of dirty brick. There were colors painted on them. Signs were hung up, lights were on and there was so much more traffic.; whether it be by foot, horse or car. I look at the buildings and think that it was once spectacular. I think of all the life that was surrounded by it.

There were many people that built that very large building.  Some of them still alive and probably live close. Those people used their hands, blood and sweat instead of machinery to build that huge brick building.

That seemed to be generation that started the economy’s growth. This generation of people are people that have respect for others and care for others. These people busted their backs for their families and the future of others. Some of the businesses treated their employees worse than any businesses around now. The world wasn’t so “bubble wrapped” as it is now. This was the working class.

Over time the town, the people, and/or owners let those beautiful buildings go. Maybe not having the funds to fix it, time or health. Whatever it may be, it has me thinking more into the past.

Some of the thoughts that sound  appealing are that; I love the thought of the past seemed to be a happier time in the country. Most all families were together, not separated. Mothers normally stayed home to raise the children; Wives normally always had dinner waiting for the husband after a long work day. Children were respectful and had manners. People attended church every Sunday and that was a day of rest. As well as a person could take a hand shake and someone’s word for the truth.

But what has happened over the years?

The small towns look run down. People do not take care of things. People do not want to work for things.  Some people believe that they are entitled to things that have not affected them. It seems that this world has weakened to me. It has weakened as the big buildings that had so much meaning and life at one time. The buildings could be restored and look magnificent once again; As so could the world.

The world that once didn’t have enough man power seemed to have all the power, all the love within each other, and the brains to make things happen.

The world today has turned ugly and violent. It is running off of money and power. There isn’t any compassion anymore. People want to argue and fight over nonsense. There isn’t any trust in business anymore either. The handshake is long gone.

We can only have faith that the world we currently live in will be half of what it was.

First blog post

There is a first time for everything. So here it goes, my first blog! I would like to say I am a little excited for this. I have been thinking about it for awhile. I always have things on my mind and it feels I have nobody to share them with. Things about life, fun and whatever else crosses my mind. I hope you enjoy the articles!